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『オンラインFlash card練習』

N5 level vocabulary(あいさつから旅行レベル)

N4 level vocabulary(旅行から日常会話レベル)

N3 level vocabulary(日常会話レベル)

N2 level vocabulary(一般ビジネスレベル)

N1 level vocabulary(専門ビジネスレベル)

N5Can understand classroom phrases with hiragana and very simple kanji. Can understand patterned phrases and glean needed information
N4Can understand daily-life conversations. If spoken slowly,Can read simple materials aimed at non-native speakers
N3Can understand native materials if rewritten with simplified vocabulary and kanji. Can follow everyday conversations at natural speed.
N2Can read written materials on general topics and understand conversations and news at natural speed.
N1Can understand speech in a variety of challenging situations. Can grasp nuance and progression of ideas in abstract and complex materials.

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