language exchange~東京都中野区より日本人(会社員)参加

Entry NO10057 ★2014/03/23up★

  • area
    Tokyo nakano-ku
  • sex 
  • age
    30years old~39years old
  • nationality
  • job 
    office worker
  • teach   
    Japanese conversation
  • learn  
    English conversation
  • self-introduction
    I am female,31 years old, office worker. I had been in Australia for one year with workingholiday visa. After I came back to Japan,I do not have any opportunities to speak in English. I want to find a language exchange partner to keep up my English.I have an interest in fashion and went to fashion college for two years. My hobbies is to travel all over the world,so fas I have been to Amerika,France,Spain,Thailand,Korea. I like to meet new people and want to make friends with a language exchange partner.
    Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu


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