language exchange~岐阜県より日本人(学生)参加

Entry NO10059 ★2014/03/27up★

  • area
    Gifu city, Gifu prefecture
  • sex 
  • age
    18years old~29years old
  • nationality
  • job 
  • teach   
    I'm currently looking for teaching Japanese jobs but am not an experienced teacher. If you don't mind that, I'm really happy to help with Japanese. Any level is ok. I'll do my best.
  • learn  
    I would like to learn English especially speaking so I'm looking for someone who speaks English and also teach me cultural things.
  • self-introduction
    Hi there. I'm currently looking for a language exchange partner who can speak English. I have lived in Australia for two yrs and studied in university. I've just come back to Japan last week and I want to keep using English in my daily life. I love to learn new things like languages, cultures, foods and sports! I hope I could meet a nice partner. Cheers.


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