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  • age
    60years old~
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  • job
    Hindi (Indian language) Tutor
  • teach   
    I would like to teach Hindi (Indian language). I will be too glad to give English conversation practice to beginners / intermediates.
  • learn  
    I want to learn Spoken Japanese preferably with Romaji Japanese (instead of Khanjis we write in Romanised English like : Watashiva Nihongono gaakseii desu). Learning Japanese greetings. How to ask simple questions in Japanese. I would like to have more listening practice.
  • self-introduction
    Indian, Male, 62, Bachelor of Commerce, happily married, presently living in India. May be visiting Tokyo, Japan in April'2016 and staying there for couple of months.
    During my earlier visits to Japan in 2004, 2007, I did learn few Japanese / Chinese Khanjis (but now I have forgotten them). Teaching is my passion. It's my endeavor to help language learners.
    I am interested in Language and cultural exchange.
    Interesting personality, sincere, caring, friendly, loving, friendly.
    Hobbies : Travelling, reading, sports (table tennis, soccer, tennnis), watching TV (sports, comedy and news), making friends, net surfing.
    Interests : Yoga, meditation, teaching, learning new languages, holistic healing, alternative medicines etc.
    Live and let live. Enjoy every moment of life.
    The following is the translation (of course, with the help of Google)
    インド、男性、 62 、商業の学士号を、喜んで、現在インドに住んで、結婚しました。月はApril'2016に東京、日本を訪問し、数ヶ月のためにそこに滞在します。
    2007 2004で日本への私の以前の訪問時には、私はいくつかの日本語/中国語Khanjisを学びました(しかし、今私はそれらを忘れてしまいました) 。授業は私の情熱です。これは、言語学習者を助けるために私の努力です。
    趣味:旅行、読書、スポーツ(卓球、サッカー、 tennnis ) 、友達を作る、 (スポーツ、コメディ、ニュース)ネットサーフィンをテレビを見て。
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