language exchange~南アフリカより南アフリカ人女性参加

Entry NO23135 ★2016/2/16up★

  • area
    Johannesburg, South Africa
  • sex 
  • age
    18years old~29years old
  • nationality
    South African
  • job
    Social Media Manager
  • teach   
    I want to teach English
  • learn  
    I want to learn how to speak basic Japanese
  • self-introduction
    I am currently living in South Africa but I would love to move to Japan and teach English one day. I would like to learn the language (at least a little) before applying to move and I have always wanted to know how to speak Japanese.
    I would love to teach English to someone that wants to learn.
  • target to learn Japanese
    I want to learn Japanese because I find the language interesting. I would also like to live in Japan and teach English.
  • Japanese level


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