language exchange~神奈川県より日本人女性(会社員)参加

Entry NO23150 ★2016/3/5up★

  • area
  • sex 
  • age
    18years old~29years old
  • nationality
  • job
    Office worker (buyer,PR)
  • teach   
    I can teach you everything you want in Japanese and also in english whenever u don't understand what I said.
    I used to work as a secretary in a large company for five years. I have lots knowledge of Japanese business manner.
  • learn  
    I am an office worker in Tokyo. A company I am working for corrects and produces many traditional crafts with each craft man all over Japan. And we started business in overseas! So I want to take advantage of it and spread our products to people there.
    I would like to get some skills for this business, something like communication, marketing, culture, and etc...
    I was studying in uk for one year so my English level is not bad but also not good.
  • self-introduction
    Hi there,
    I am 27 years old and work in Tokyo.
    I am looking for someone who teach me some tips for communication in English.
    I will be pleased to do and please tell me things you want to get and know. I will do my best although I don't have any experience for teaching.
    I like cooking with someone and going out for driving, shopping, museum, nice cafe and etc :) I would like to increase our skills step by step while doing and enjoying these.


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