language exchange~東京都港区よりアメリカ人(英語講師)参加

Entry NO23156 ★2016/3/18up★

  • area
    Tokyo minato-ku
  • sex 
  • age
    18years old~29years old
  • nationality
  • job
    English teacher
  • teach   
    I can teach just about anything to do with English. I know a lot about pop culture. I am an English teacher in Shibuya, so I am very experienced with teaching to all levels.
  • learn  
    I would like to just practice basic conversation and listening/understanding. I would also like to learn about Japanese culture and would really like to know about cool places to hang out in Japan, like live houses, bars, festivals, shopping, restaurants and other fun areas.
  • self-introduction
    I'm an English teacher in Shibuya, and I moved to Japan in January, 2016. I'm from Austin, Texas and I like playing guitar, watching movies, anime, and having fun! I can provide fun lessons and I am very easy to talk to. You may ask be about anything! I would like to make friends and learn about Tokyo and Japanese culture. I am looking for someone that is also fun to talk to, relaxed, easy going, and can teach me about all the coolest things to do and see in Tokyo. Let's meet!
  • target(goal) to learn Japanese
    I would like to improve my conversation skills so I can easily meet people and make friends. I would also like to be able to understand movies and tv-shows without subtitles.
  • Japanese level
  • English level
    native level


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