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  • area
    Australia Melbourne
  • sex 
  • age
    55years old~59years old
  • nationality
  • job
    Company Director
  • teach   
    I can teach english easily. English conversation as well as using text books or online resources to improve grammar. I believe the best way to learn is to use a multi pronged strategy with reading, conversation, watching movies and listening to music. I hope we can use all these techniques for Japanese too.I have proof read PhD theses and helped with university assignments so i can assist with these too.
  • learn  
    I would like to learn conversation japanese mainly as i am interested in spending some time in Japan.
    I love japanese food, culture and the people. The people are very friendly, helpful and very polite. Definitely a culture that is more advanced than any other that i know although the French may beg to differ.Knowing the language opens the doors to art, culture, cinema and cultivating friends. I do know basic hiragana and will look at learning katakana and kanji later.
  • self-introduction
    I am warm and friendly. I like physical activities such as hiking and gym. I have travelled widely including visiting Antarctica which was quite extraordinary. I have a degree in Microbiology and a Master’s in chemical engineering. Iknow Malay and Indonesian and a little french and vietnamese. I was born in Malaysia but an Australian now for more than 30 years.I am experienced in developing businesses and technologies.
  • target(goal) to learn Japanese
    1. Have a simple conversation in japanese - 6 months
    2. Can watch movies and understand 60% - 12 months
  • Japanese level
  • English level


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